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Riding in mountains of Serbia

You may have heard about Serbia and its capital, Belgrade, as a party destination with beautiful, friendly people, but you probably haven’t heard about its pristine nature, green forests, blue creeks, rocky mountains and sometimes muddy terrain in which you can be happy like a pig!

Fact: Pigs use the magic of mud as means of temperature regulation, scrubbing off parasites and territory marking. Pigs also outperform 3-year old children in cognition tests, so enjoying mud on our motorcycles looks legitimate to us. 🙂

World-class factory riders, such as Chris Birch, Ben Hemingway, Philipp Bertl, Benjamin Diesel, Miha Špindler and many more, have ridden hard enduro in Serbia. You can try battling the same tracks as they have, or just pass by and admire them from a friendlier route. If you’re up for it, we can guide you through any level track and promise you will enjoy it!

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