Enduro Tours Serbia
Enduro Tours Serbia

About us

We are a group of nature lovers, explorers, racers, extreme athletes and enthusiasts who have found their common ground in hard enduro riding. Wanting to form an international community of riders, we have decided to take our love to the next level and offer you a hassle-free way of enjoying your favourite activity.

Serbia is a beautiful country, praised by all who visit for its hospitality, nature, cuisine and laid back style of living. You might just fall in love with it and keep coming back. Don’t say we haven’t warned you!

Enduro Tours Serbia

About bikes

The bikes are 2018, or up to several years old (for a reduced price), fully prepped for hard enduro, race-ready and always in top condition.

  • KTM exc 300 (SD/std)
  • KTM exc-f 350 SD
  • KTM exc 250 (SD/std)
  • KTM freeride 350

Our bike list is often refreshed, so if you’d like to ride something else, ask us!

Bikes are also available for rent independent of our tours, for amateur or race use, with or without service support.

Enduro Tours Serbia

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